Linkedin Profile Writing Checklist

Nowadays not having a LinkedIn profile is considered totally unacceptable. More and more job seekers and HR professionals are registered in this social network. But many use Linkedin uneffective: don’t fill the profile, don’t join groups, don’t expand contacts.

With this Linkedin profile writing checklist, you will be able to create a professional and effective profile and daily receive dozens of job offers.

Why do you need to build a professional Linkedin profile?

LinkedIn is an unusual social network, this is not like Twitter or Facebook. There are no cute cats or funny videos. Linkedin is a business network, where you can find a job, post a job, connect with colleagues, partners, and clients.

If you are a job seeker, Linkedin is like your business card. According to statistics, 93% of hiring managers search candidates on LinkedIn and only 51% of all LinkedIn profiles are complete by 100%.

The Linkedin’s search algorithm firstly displays profiles with the highest measure of efficiency. Therefore, you need to fill your page as accurately as possible, otherwise, recruiters and potential partners just don’t find you.

How to write a Linkedin profile


linkedin profile header

Linkedin is a business network, therefore using nicknames like “Sales Star” or “Marketing Guru” is not appropriate. Write your real first name and last name.

The professionally written title is the most important and eye-catchy element of your Linkedin profile. Its maximum length is 120 characters. Be brief and creative. Your title should explain who you are and what you do. You may also include the existing academic degree, for example – Ph.D.

Linkedin profile picture

For maximum efficiency, it is necessary to set a profile photo.

  • Use of high-quality images of the correct dimensions.
  • Profile background image recommended size is 1584 × 396 high pixels.
  • Profile photo (avatar) recommended size is 400 × 400 pixels.
  • File format – JPG, PNG or GIF.
  • Your profile photo (avatar) should be 400 × 400 pixels, minimum of 200 × 200 pixels format: JPG, PNG, or GIF.
  • Professionally taken photo. No need to wear a suit, your appearance just needs to match your position and preferences.Your face should be in the center of the frame. Top, bottom, and sides — only a little framing of the background.
  • Choose neutral backgrounds. Just white, for example.
  • Linkedin profile picture should show you the way you are in everyday life. Wear a beard or glasses? It is not necessary to shave or squint for a profile photo. Be yourself!

Profile URL

The link to the profile should be simple and short so people can easily find you. Your URL is in the light gray box under name and title. Click on the “Edit your public profile” and provide your LinkedIn address in a digestible form. It should contain from 5 to 30 characters.

Wrong link:

Contact information

Make sure to complete the contact information section: phone number, email, Twitter and so on.

Link to sites or portfolio (personal blog, company website and so on) can be customised with the help of anchors. Click on “Websites” select “Other” and write the name and URL of your resource.


In this block describe (up to 2 000 characters) your career achievements that you are most proud of.


linkedin profile education

This section is quite important for those users who have no work experience. Some hiring managers are looking for grads at specific colleges or universities.

Profiles of participants with the educational institutions from doing seven times more often. Include the name of the University (maximum 100 characters), specialty, major, date of graduation, awards or achievements. For example, “graduated with honors”, “my article on the topic…”, “published in the scientific journal…”.


linkedin profile expirience

68% of members use LinkedIn for networking with former business partners. Be accurate in describing past and current projects.

Be sure to include the title (up to 100 characters), company name and work period. Do not neglect the fields “Region” and “Description”. Why not demonstrate your mobility and contribution to a particular company?

Use specific examples and numbers. Fewer adjectives, more verbs. Instead of writing “I’m an excellent seller”, describe your awards and sales figures.

Add links to presentations, videos, podcasts, publications, blogs, sertifications and other materials. This will allow recruiters to understand who you are and what you do.

linkedin profile acomplishments

Skills and Endorsements

linkedin profile skills and endorsments

Profiles of members with skills from doing four times more often. Specify that you know, and ask people to confirm the skills of your friends from your contact list.

Done. Now you are standing among the millions of users.